Sunday, October 21, 2007

Giant steps

The NY Giants are back. Today's game was just fun to watch. I love watching teams decimate their opponents, unless the opponent is a team I like. To make today even better, my fantasy team looks to be stomping the other team. I should squeak out another win to go 6-1 on the season. I am the premier fantasy football player on the planet, leading every league I've ever been in record wise. I've played fantasy football for five straight years now and have only like 5/6 losses to my name, ever! That includes my one loss this year.

I'm done talking myself up. I'm not really that good, I think I just get lucky on a weekly basis. Although now that I've said how much I win, is it really luck? I like to think so. Anyways back to the Giants. Brandon Jacobs (who is on my fantasy team) rushed for over 100 yards and gave me one touchdown. They really pounded the 49ers. They won 33-15 although that last TD doesn't really count cause no one cared at that point. It was like 33-9 with like 4 min left in the game. The defense looks way better than it did earlier in the season. The secondary is still porous, but the defensive line is awesome. I heard they have like 25 sacks on the season already. I think 12 came against the Eagles, and they get to play them again before the season is done.

What else happened? Oh yea, Shockey got some of his, Plastic Co. (Plexico Burress) didn't get a td or over 100 yds receiving, but thats fine because my opponent this week has both him and Shockey and I can't cheer for both or I'd lose. Next week the Giants go to London to face the Miami Dolfins. That should be just like this week, where the Giants stomp all over those mammals. Where are the tuna nets when you need them?

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Mom said...

You can always make me laugh, i love your stories, please continue to entertain me:)

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