Thursday, October 18, 2007

Game Day

Today we went to a preseason NBA game at the Pit in Albuquerque. The Pit is where the school team plays. The game was the Sacramento Kings vs. the Utah Jazz and it was a hoot. Thats right I said hoot. The game was a blowout, but there were some good heckling going on. One player on the Utah Jazz is from Russia, so I threw out an "I will break you" from Rocky IV. The line of the night involved Carlos Boozer from Utah as well. When his name was announced I yelled out, "This is a dry campus!" That got a really good reaction from the crowd. There was this really boring Native American dance during halftime, and I started with a "Don't give them any blankets" line and followed it up with "If this keeps up, I'm gonna leave a trail of tears right out of this arena." Mean I know. When the Indians first walked into the arena I said 'Watch out, they could be trouble." Tom (who has no shame and will say anything) sat back quickly and got real quiet after that one. DMX (the rapper) was also at the game and people flocked as he was leaving the arena. I think he was there for a concert that he is doing either tonight or tomorrow. I can't imagine why any famous person would be in Abq otherwise. Fun night.

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