Sunday, October 7, 2007

Denver vs Abq

The contrast between the two cities is night and day, black and white, chocolate and vanilla. I love Denver. It is just the total package in a city. It's like a mini NY, which is always a good thing.
Nice downtown areaDowntown consists of 5 bars and some buildings.
Seemingly nice and organized public transportation system with buses and trains.Sketchy bus system.
3 professional sports teams with easy to access arenas.NO pro teams.
Clean and safeDirty and sketchy.
Well organizedLooks like people decided to put things depending on when they needed to. "We need housing? There's some space over here."
Don't need to drive everywhere all the time.Have to drive everywhere.
Tons of great places to eat and the city only franchises look like decent establishments.One or two areas of restaurants. Fast food places look like crap and quality of food matches (for fast food).

I think Denver won this round.

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