Friday, October 5, 2007

Baseball Playoffs: The Rockies

Larry's favorite baseball team, the Colorado Rockies, have made the playoffs and we are going to the first home game (game 3 of the series) and it is tomorrow evening (7pm I think, but I don't know if thats eastern or mountain so check your local listings). We made 4 signs for the game and a couple of my creations can be seen below. First we made a sign for Troy Tulowitzki the shortstop. We cleverly played on the "Tool Time" slogan from home improvement and I created a near perfect match of the logo itself for the sign. I then took a picture of Tim and Al and pasted the heads of both Troy and Kaz Matsui (the second baseman) on them. I think the results are rather promising and I hope it is a huge hit at the game.
This last picture is of Brad Hawpe, the right fielder. You may notice he has the body of Bret "Hitman" Hart from the glory days of WWE. Our sign reads, Brad "Hitman" Hawpe. I hope you can figure out the similarities...


Anonymous said...

Did you really print those out big for TV? That is f-ing awesome. I will tell my Tivo to Tivo it, in case they show you.

Antman said...

yea....everyone loved the tulo time poster. matsui came out awesome

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