Wednesday, September 12, 2007

The Car Chronicles: Supply and Demand

I understand how this works. You guys want to read about my life, you can't get enough about it. I on the other hand provide you with lil tidbits of information to keep you salivating and coming back for more. You want to know more about the car? I told you a lil. I think I'll feed you in on some more now.

I am scared to death of Albuquerque. Everyone here is such bad drivers. I drive so defensively cause I feel like everyone is out to destroy my precious. I would have crashed it by now if I haven't been so careful, cause everyone here just does what they want. It's so ridiculous. I need to just go out late at night or early in the morning and head away from the city so I can just ride the open road. That would be sweet.

This weekend I promise to take pictures of the car. I actually mean that too. I go to this website daily called They talk about NBA rumors on the page, but the thing that gets me to come back is this hilarious commentary they put at the bottom where they just make fun of every news bit in the NBA that day. Its supposed to be daily, but the guy in charge does it like once every other week. Every single day he says that he will post the commentary, he even posts the commentary header and under it writes "coming later today guaranteed." He never does. Don't worry I won't be that guy. I will actually do it. Guaranteed!

I had to go to the dealership yesterday to pick up the cleaning supplies that I purchased. I've been told (by them) that it is essentially good for the life of the car. I highly doubt that, but I'm sure it will last a while. They say I only need to apply the products once a year out here, and in salt conditions maybe twice. Which reminds me, I need my snowboard so I can go to the mountains. That too would be sweet.

I didn't drive today, it was Larry's turn. He doesn't really take car of his car. I take better care of it than he does. He is just lazy though. I gave the scion its first car wash, almost 8 months after its purchase date. My first car wash I'm sure will be in a couple weeks after I take it offroading. Just kidding, I'm not there yet...but soon, soon.

Besides the pictures what do you want from me in regards to the new whip?


Mom said...

What your not going to spend your weekends keeping her sparkling, oh Ray will be disappointed:)
If you want your snowboard let me know sonit can be sent out

Querida said...

Interesting to know.

Querida said...

Interesting to know.

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