Friday, September 7, 2007

Sunday Giants

This weekend marks the first weekend of football. Yesterday's game wasn't too fun to watch as the Colts destroyed the Saints. The Giants play the cowboys on Sunday night and while I'm all excited for this game, I am more excited for Sunday pizza.

Sunday is traditionally a day where nothing gets done. I normally don't even shower or leave the house, but that will be ruined this weekend when I play basketball at noon. Easily the best part is ordering way too much pizza and sitting around all day watching football.

This week there is a new style at Pizza Hut. They have this dipper pizza, where you break the pizza into strips and dunk them in various sauces (ranch, marinara, garlic butter, chocolate). Sounds great. We tried to order that last night for dinner, but they ran out. One place had the following conversation:
Me: Do you have the Dipper Pizza?
Them: Yea we do, but we are out right now.
Me: So then you don't have them do you!

Dumbasses! I want that pizza!!! It better be in stock come Giants kickoff, or there will be hell to pay!

1 comment:

dad said...

Anthony, anthony, anthony you must learn to calm that temper :)

So did you get your car. man you didn't even tell me you got did u, did u?

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