Wednesday, September 5, 2007


  • After eating tons over the weekend (capped off with ribs at Chama River Brewing Co and dessert at the Melting Pot), eating nothing today felt great.

  • Basketball was fun too. There was this guy who was absolutely terrible, and he jsut would not shut up. He couldn't hit a single layup and was just a disaster. His awfulness spread to me and I couldn't hit one either. But I hit more than him. I hate this guy and never wanna see him again, unless I get to play against him, in which case I want to guard him and totally own him. He's fat and slow.

  • Sorry for the runon sentence, but I won't stop seeing as I'm quite fond of them.

  • Thinking about the sentence, I wonder if Titi Elaine reads this and just shakes her head in shame as she frowns on my poor English skills. I like to think I' redefining the language.

  • Almost time to move out of the apartment and into a house with our buddy Rock (Chris Brown). I think we are gonna name the house Cave in memory of him.

  • Halloween is gonna be great. I'm dressing as a lil boy and Larry is going as a skeevy pedofile.

  • Nothing is worse than spending 3 full days doing homework and only having answered 1.5/5 questions. It was due today by the way.

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