Friday, September 7, 2007

The Pickups: Weeknights

Without a doubt the best time to ball is during the week in the evening. We played on Wednesday and tonight for like 2 hours per night (Wednesday was from 7 to 9 and tonight was from 530 to 8ish). Ever since softball ended we are gonna have to fill the Wednesday night time slot, and what better way to do it than with some basketball.

On Wednesday, the games were pretty good, except that there was this one guy who was so damned annoying. He was terrible first off, but worse was that he just talked. He talked so much and he couldn't do anything on the court. That and he was fat and lazy too. Nothing is worse than a fat a lazy guy, unless he is me. I am an awesome lazy and semi fat person. Oh yea and this guy never played defense.

Tonight was great. I played amazing defense and absolutelu crushed this kid's confidence. Everytime he touched the ball I stripped it. He had no chance. That was my goal, make clean crisp passes and play great defense.

Tomorrow we will play again at noon and I just hope people show up. I am gonna work on ball handling and driving. I need to hit more shots around the rim. Maybe I will take more 3's as well. I will also try to log my stats, so that you all can know how I'm doing. We will also be playing on Sunday completeing the trifecta for the weekend of basketball.

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