Saturday, September 1, 2007

The Pickups: Prologue

Every chance I get, I am on the basketball court. During the school year it works out to about once a week. If I can get in there more often I would be, but mostly its just Saturday's and Sunday's. We usually play for about 2-3 hours upon my coaxing. I say this, because usually at the 2 hour mark everyone wants to leave, but after every game I say, "1 more?" Who can say no to just one more, but spread this out over an hour and I get my 3 hours. Usually when I have no work to do, I will hit the gym daily. During Spring break last semester, I was ballin' for 4 hours a day everyday. Thats how I roll.

Usually we get my Physics buddies to play and we compete against everyone that dares enter the gym. You think to yourself, Physics guys? How good can they be? But we are actually pretty good. We play intramural basketball in November and do pretty well. The team consists of Larry, Me, Tom Jones, Brad Chase, and Paul Harrington. I am the smallest guy on the court with the biggest heart and arguably the best of the group. I am the point guard; passing, driving, shooting, crossovers, posting name it, I can do it. Larry is the right hand man. We have been playing together for like 3 years and so I know all his wants and needs. I give him the ball and he fills it up. Tom is the token injured guy. He can also set picks and is a good post player when he tries. Paul and Brad are the big men. They also tend to be the black holes. Brad does this more accidentally. I believe he just doesn't have good court vision, but he is a willing passer. Paul just doesn't pass. There are times when he refuses to pass and he is being triple teamed.

This coming season I need to be more of a on-court leader. I usually do it by doing, but I realize that I need to be more vocal as well. I tend to shoot a lil too much, but this has only been developing recently. All summer I practiced shooting and dribbling. I have some nice go-to moves that I hope to utilize on the offensive end. My favorite is my in and out dribble and my spi move. I am also a pretty decent post player despite my small stature. I need to work on my defense. I have been really lazy lately. I used to be the stopper, but now I tend to just stop. I need to get back on it. I am gonna spend the next few weeks passing and defending, with the ocacssional spot up shooting.

This entire blog run I will randomly post about my pickup basketball endeavors. I will tell you about the games, how I play, cool plays I make, other guys, anything funny, etc. Eventually I will begin to talk about intramurals as well. Welcome to the Pickups...

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