Saturday, September 1, 2007

The Pickups: Injury

Ironic (or maybe not since that word is thrown around a bit) that my first pickups story I also happen to minorly sprain my ankle. It happened in the very first game. On one of the first plays, it actually may have been around the 3rd or 4th play of the game. We were playing full court 4 vs 5 with my team having 4. I came down the court and took a jumper and came down on my foot turned sideways. I heard lots of popping. Thank goodness it didn't hurt otherwise I wouldn't have been able to play for 2 more hours (that and I would've been in pain all day, but that is neither here nor there).

We lost that game and I really didn't expect to win since it was 4 on 5. Then we played a series of 3 on 3 half court games. Those were great because my team absolutely dominated. It was Larry, me, and some other guy who was on the court that day vs a revolving door of teams. I always ended up playing against my buddy Diego who weighs 140lbs.

Lemme paint you a picture. Diego is 140lbs and I weigh 175ish. That does not spell even matchup. I usually stand as close to the basket as I can, wait for a pass to come my way, and then back down until I am ready to shoot. We have begun to call him Backpack, because thats what he feels like. It is more like a fly though. I train with a 20lb weight vest so his body on mine is just practice. So in today's games I would post him up and go to work.

We must have won at least 6 games in a row before enough people showed up to play full again. Mind you, I am playing with a busted ankle and totally dominating. We won one of those games 11-0 with me hitting a no look facing away from the basket over the head shot. Almost impossible (although I won a game last week hitting the same shot). I couldn't shoot worth a lick, but I played pretty good defense, and I was focusing on my passes anyways. I am definitely feeling my ankle now though, but don't worry I'll be up and at 'em by tomorrow. I just gotta get back into shape, which means a no candy and all meat diet for at least 2 weeks. I can do this.
Update: I just remembered that I hit this amazing shot in the last full court game where I was sitting on the floor and just did a lil hook shot and swished it. All these big guys were standing around me and I hit it in their was great.

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