Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Not all Peaches and Cream

Why must everything fall apart, when you need things to be together the most? We've been in the new house for about a week and a half and already we have exerienced some problems. Looks like I'm going to become proficient in home repair. Maybe not. This would be so much better if I owned the home. There are so many things that I would like to do with this place that would increase its value. Thats mom coming out in me. Always doing home renovation. I said there is a garden and a decent back yard, and I definitely want to get to work on that, but its getting colder now (low 70's) and soon it will be freezing (60ish) and that means gardening will be worthless. I'm not here to talk about all this though. Let me tell you why the world is falling apart.

We experienced a leak in our bathroom. The problem has been averted now, it just stopped and we have no clue how it started or stopped, but we spent a good bunch of hours trying to fix it. I actually did most of the work. Eventually Larry stopped caring and just sat on the couch. I get in this mindset of problem solving and just go. I totally could be a carpenter, as is proven by my youth spent legoing it up. Anyways I noticed the leak sometime on someday. I know nothing about plumbing but I knew a few things. First I should shut off the water. Then I have to try to find the cause of the leak. I knew sinks and toilets have easy access to the water, I learned tubs have not as easy access. I had to find the access panel, which I believe to be in the bathroom of our other roommate. It is so poorly placed. In the cabinet under the sink there is a portion of the wall that is not like the surrounding wall (clearly looking like a door), but the cabinet and plumbing for the sink make the removal of the panel impossible. Its like building a house crooked. (Mom remember when we discovered our slanted kitchen?). I then learned something about compression faucets, but had to give up the quest to fix the leak when I couldn't get into the access panel for the tub without major remodeling, and also couldn't find the external water supply. I swear it is nowhere on the grounds, we looked everywhere. But have no fear, the next day I noticed the leak stopped. Apparently doing nothing works just as well.

The other bad thing was that sometime last night someone stuck a firecracker in Larry's windshield and ignited it. The explosion woke me up and the car alarm alerted me. I actually didn't know what was happening and went back to sleep after the alarm stopped. I woke up fuming and was ready to do some window yelling (like Jason's friends with the lumina), but I couldn't see anyone outside. We went outside this morning and saw that someone had wedged a firecracker between the windshield and the wiper and lit it. Thank God this didn't happen to my car, otherwise I think I would have wept for at least an hour. People are just so stupid sometimes.

In other news, I am actually becoming homesick after over a year of not really missing home. I think being away from everything I know and love is finally getting to me. Surprisingly I miss Jason a lot. I wanna hang out with him, too bad when I'm home he ditches me for his friends. I'm reading the comic called DMZ that reminds me of home a lot. Its about a war torn US and revolves around a key location (NYC). NYC is the demilitarized zone and all the action takes place there. Its sad to see NY like this and I keep thinking thank goodness this isn't real. At least the Giants won this weekend, and I can't wait for basketball to start. Maybe thats what I need. That and some Trinity.

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