Sunday, September 16, 2007

The Done Deed...Done!

Ok I blew it. I didn't get to take a picture of the car. I will do so soon. But I had a very good reason. I got up early this morning and we began the major packing process. We drove over to U-Haul and rented a truck. The choice was easy since there was only one truck available. We called our friends Tom and Brad and asked if they would come over to help us load and unload. We got everything large in the truck and it only took us one trip.

After moving everything over to the new house, we embarked on our weekly basketball game. We played for a couple of hours and then went back to moving. We went to the old place and packed our cars to the brim and hauled it all to the new place. We then rearranged our furniture from the old place in the new place to look like the old place. The new place has 2 living rooms and so we are able to perform this task.

At around 7pm Tom and Dara and Brad came over to celebrate the moving in process. We ordered pizza and watched football and iron chef. When they all left I went back into my room to put some more stuff away. I am going to need a dresser or something because my closet is a lil smaller than the old one, but it should still suffice. I now have all my shoes on display around the outer perimeter of my room. They are organized by type, color, and style.

We just have a couple more things to take care of and then we will be completely moved out and into our new place.

We're moving on up
To the West side
To a super deluxe house on the ground.
We finally found a piece of the pie!

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Mom said...

Well seems like you are moving up, and Moving Out (Billy Joel)

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