Sunday, September 30, 2007

Cool Pets

Larry and I were talking about cool pets. Well first we were talking about how bats fly (which is really complicated because they can fold their wings so many different ways, unlike birds) and then we started talking about owning a bat as a pet. We both agreed that it would be really cool to have one, and that if we had to name it of course it would be Bruce and then I'd have to make a costume and...well after I got through with it, our bat would look like this: Cute right? I still think the coolest pet would be a monkey though. I don't know what his name would be, but he would be the biggest boost of self esteem. I mean how could he not be when he could do things like this: and this:
I would make him carry around a tape player to play this song by Young Dro called High Five. The chorus is awesome and all about seeing people and giving high fives...something we all need to do more often.

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