Monday, September 17, 2007

The Car Chronicles: Differences

So today Larry drove his car and (insert name here) sat in the driveway all by her lonesome. The reason was because Larry had a meeting to go to and I was gonna walk over to this soccer meeting. We realized we had to bring the comcast box in and cancel the subscription. So the plan was I was gonna drop Larry off at his thing while I take the box in. This means I would be downgrading for the day and driving Steve Jr. There are a couple of key differences:

1. Steve Jr is not a Subaru WRX
2. The clutch is significantly shorter, so shifting is easier.
3. The horsepower is way less, so again shifting is easier.
4. After driving the WRX, a Scion feels like a go-cart.
5. The Scion goes from 0-60 in about a century.
6. The Scion is easy on the eyes, but the WRX is a looker.
7. The WRX is a smooth ride.

After I realized number 4, the trip became really fun. There were times when I couldn't stop laughing thinking I was driving a go-cart. It is just so fun with its lil lawn mower engine. I couldn't believe the differences. I feel like a driving pro in the Scion. It definitely takes some practice to go from the Scion to the WRX, but the transition is smooth if you've driven a manual before. So my suggestion for your first standard vehicle...get a low hp car.

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