Saturday, September 15, 2007

All Rolled Into One

No pictures yet, but I promise they will be here. The reason for the lack of photographic evidence is several fold. First, we began the packing process. Perhaps an hour after my awakeness I walked into the living room and put my XBox, Wii, and Surround Sound System into their respective boxes. I then went into my room to pack all of my clothes. For those who don't know, I have enough clothes to not have to do laundry for at least 2 months (I could go longer if I had more underwear). I estimate the equivalent weight to be around 50 lbs.

Second, I had to get my exercise in for the day and that means its time for a lil Pickups story. Basketball was great today. I played some great defense. The guy I was guarding was affraid to drive to the basket because everytime he did I stole it. This happened at least 6 times. Then Larry and I did some shooting drills (after a couple two on twos with the previously mentioned foe plus one). Then we did this game called defense. Larry and I invented this in Albany where the defender would count down a shot clock (maybe 10 or 15 seconds) while playing defense and the opposing player had said time to shoot the ball. The ball making contact with the rim would reset the shot clock. It is a very exhausting practice. We don't keep score because the focus is to try and make the offender take a poor shot. After basketball, the next phase of the day began...

Moving! (Car Chronicles Alert) As soon as we got home, we packed up our cars with whatever we packed up today and drove over to our new house. When we got there we looked for but could not find the house keys. After an hour of unsuccessful looking, I drove home to find out the location of the keys (there was an email that revealed this location). We read the email and then went back to our new place to look once more. During transit I met some fierce competition in the form of APD. I got pulled over for the first time in my new car. I wasn't going over the speed limit, I was using my blinker. All I could think is what the heck could I be getting pulled over for. He strolled up alongside my vehicle and I am looking like a complete scrub. I hadn't showered at all today so I have bed and basketball hair and prolly smell like Jason's bellybutton. He asks me for my license and insurance (I guess cause no one here has any) and then asks for Larry's license. This makes no sense to me. He then goes back to his car and comes back out after a few minutes and asks if I have a temporary license. I say yes and show it to him. He then tells me it needs to be in the back window and that I am free to go. Stupid car dealer, they are the ones who brought this plague upon my house. I then smoothly respond by stalling in the middle of the street twice. Awesome.

We then go back to our new place and still can't find the keys. We both (in our separate cars) head [to our old] home because we haven't eaten at all and are gonna shower and get dinner. After showering we realize there was more to the email. It was encoded in some secret system that required us to keep reading the email instead of stopping at the its in the garage part. We then make our 3rd trek to the new place with our 1st run of stuff. We retreive the keys and bring out belongings into the house and play some Madden 07. I win 35-14. The Bengals are awesome.


Mom said...

It seems like you had a long day yesterday, difficult lesson to learn, hope today went better.

Mom said...

I tried to select and vote for the name but didn't work, so I am posting my choice. Sweetness

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