Sunday, August 26, 2007

Free Baseball

We went to an Isotopes game today and it was a blast. Lemme just say I almost hate baseball. I am coming around, but I would much rather watch any other sport than baseball. With that said, I know next to nothing about the sport. And finally, being in NM makes me feel like I know everything about the sport. The people here are just so dumb. There were several plays where Larry and I were cheering and then like 5 seconds later the crowd would get into it after the play had become "official." There was one homerun where I was couldn't believe that it was going to be a homerun and then, because of the silence, I thought it wasn't a homerun even after the ball went over the wall. It was clearly fair, but the crowd waited for the umpire to call it fair and then they went nuts. I was upset that I doubted myself. Lesson #1: Always believe in yourself, or something like that.

The game was unimportant. They won like 10-7 and there was a rain delay. The important thing is that we got the tickets for free through a friend and that set up the theme for the rest of the night: free stuff. We met this woman who worked for Sprint (don't worry mom and Titi Elaine, I told her the business) who was supposed to meet customers there and ended up chatting with us. She bought us soda and hotdogs on her company money. Larry then proceeded to catch a foul ball. This happened immediately after with no pause after the hotdog eating (jk). To celebrate the freeness we went to the supermarket to get supplies and thusly made milkshakes. Lesson #2: The best things in life are free, milkshakes are good too, but way better when they are free. I have yet to have a free milkshake.

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