Wednesday, August 29, 2007

USA Basketball

The US National Basketball team comprised completely of NBA superstars has been competing for the past week, trying to gain a berth in the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing. Ever since the 2002 World Championships, the US national team has not played so hot. That year we got 5th place, in the 2004 Olympics we ended up with the bronze, and in the 2006 World Championships we also won the bronze.

Bronze thats not so bad right? Wrong! Prior to 2002, we had never been beaten using professional players in basketball and even before we used pro's we only didn't win gold twice, in the entire history of Olympic basketball. This summer things are different. Team USA is competing against all other nations in North and South America trying to get to the Olympics.

What's new? A great team concept and people who want to plan, and win. They want to win badly and it shows on the court. What has this resulted in? An average win margin of like 40 points, an average final score of about 120 points, and an average opposing team score of like 75 points. These cats have been straight up ballin'.

I bring this up because there is a game on tonight at 11pm ET (another tomorrow at midnight), and it is just amazing to watch them beat up on everyone. It's like playing a video game against your younger brother and knowing you are way better and instead of letting up and letting him win, you wanna see how much you can win by. There is nothing more satisfying than by beating a person so badly that they don't wanna play you again. Nothin more fun than playing your hardest against a much weaker opponent and never letting up. At some points its just downright fun to make up lil games on your way to the blowout, like not letting them score in the 4th quarter, or only taking 3 pointers. These are the things I love.

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