Sunday, August 26, 2007

Milky Shaking

I'm sorry for the title, I was trying to be clever with the word milkshake. I was successful, but I'm sorry for having to give away my greatest creation to all you who don't deserve to gaze your eyes upon it. I need a self back pat for that one.

Anyways, what is the perfect milkshake? I need to know how restaurants and ice cream places make their milkshakes. There is something different about them that normal people (you and me) don't do. I need to know. I tried a Google search once and could only find recipes that said milk and ice cream. I think I got that part down. What is the secret ingredient? There must be something out there that makes it thicker and more flavorful. I think it is called thick 'n' flavory. If it isn't I will market this product and make millions.

If anyone has a great milkshake recipe, please share.

One last thing. For the funniness of it, I want to search Google for Google and then click the link. I think as a default it should not come up with its own website because of the fact that you are already there. Maybe Google won't be number one...that would be too pleasureful.

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