Sunday, August 26, 2007

Let's Complain About Drivers

I want to hear about the stupid things drivers do in your areas.  I mostly want to see if NMans are the worst as I believe.  I will share some dumb things they do here and see if you can top this.  I will start with a couple of great stories, then go into some general unwritten "rules."

There are 2 highways in Abq:  I-40 goes east and west, I-25 goes north and south.  We are getting onto 40 by our house heading west to get to school.  We are going down the onramp accelerating to get on the highway as is typical when you are going from 0mph-70mph.  We notice that there is a van on the highway trying to get over to the shoulder near the entrance.  It is currently pulled over on our right going very slowly, but still trying to proceed to the right.  There are about 3 cars in front of us.  The guy in front also sees this.  Instead of continuing on the path to 70mph, the dude slows down to like 20 at the entrance to the highway (the point where we should now be doing a minimum of 60) to let this van over.  The van is confused by this and comes to a stop.  The driver in front is also confused by the vans counter-move and also proceeds to further slow down.  Larry almost rear-ends the guy in front of us because who comes to a stop on the on ramp.  

I am driving down a one-way (3 lane) street going towards my friend Tom's house.  I see this car in my lane in front of me...facing me on the very same street.  No, it hasn't changed into both ways suddenly.  This guy has been driving the wrong way on a major street for who knows how long.  At first I am confused and even ask my friend Diego (in the car with me) if I am still on Lead (the one-way street).  We both concur that I am.  I stop and wave my hand left, signaling for the driver to make a left (right for him).  I do not move until he finally gets that making the left would put him on a road in which he willbe going with the traffic.  I think putting him on that path only confused him, cause he then proceeded at like 3 mph for as long as I watched him.

Unwritten rules:  When you put your turning signal on (to signal a lane change) this means that all surrounding drivers are to speed up and fill any available spaces.  This leads to the rule that one should never use a turn signal and instead cut people off at will.  This also leads to the amazing tactic of then slowing down after cutting someone off.  My favorite thing is that no matter what lane of the highway you are in, when people are entering the highway you are to slow down.  This produces many unnecessary slowdowns and even minor traffic problems.  Only roads that no one travels on have timed lights.  This is a rule no lie.  Major roads are never timed correctly and by that I mean at all.  In fact I know of only one street with timed lights.  I think they are experimenting with this to see how it pans out.

Now tell me some of the driving stories from your parts...

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