Thursday, August 23, 2007

Easy eats

Lately I have been really lazy with cooking. What do I eat then? My favorite thing to do recently is to cook chicken nuggets (the kind you just stick in the oven) with random toppings. Tonight I ate the nuggets with leftover sloppy joes. I bet they don't teach you that at culinary school. It actually tastes really good too. Another classic nugget recipe is ghetto chicken parm. Just cook the nuggets then throw a lil bit of tomato sauce and cheese on top. Presto. While all that is cooking you can make the pasta at the same time. One final lazipe is another Italian one. Just cut the nuggets up into chunks and throw them in a sauce. I should get my own cooking show for these types of things. If you liked these you like my dessert conglomerations as well.

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