Thursday, August 23, 2007

Anthony's Song

Trading in my Chevy for a Cadillac-ac-ac-ac. I'm moving up so it looks like I'm movin' out as well. The wheels are spinning, the cogs are in motion, and we are ready to go. Well except for the being ready part.

We accepted the invitation from our buddy Chris Brown (known also as Rock) to move into his house. The rent is cheaper and his house is pretty big. It's got a ton of pluses. Nice neighborhood, decent backyard (with garden), grill, big screen TV (even though I have one), etc. My closet space takes a hit, but I can always get one of those cheap Wal-mart bins for my clothes. I look forward to the shoe rack in my closet though. Maybe I will just line my shoes up around my room. I digress.

Anyways we need to begin packing eventually, and then figure out a way to get all our stuff (couches, beds, TV, etc) from here to there. I suppose calling in favors, unless a moving truck is pretty cheap. We also need someone to take our lease otherwise we pay a hefty fee of $1200 (that's 2 months rent). That would suck majorly.

I put in a classified on which has already been beautiful. We've had like 5 replies in the 2 days since its post. Someone is coming by in a lil while to look at the apartment. If we can get this that would be amazing since our rent drops by like $200. I know living in a house cheaper than the apartment?! Awesome isn't it. It is also closer to school, and near more things. I will miss the movie theater and the comic book store being a half mile away though. Thats small change though compared to the perks of home life.

Welcome to living the good life, Anthony.

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Mom said...

glad the house worked out for you, call in favors for the move,it's cheaper, and as payment give them food and drinks make it a moving party, they always work.

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